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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Queen Latifah - Ladies First (feat. Monie Love) [Music Video]

Sly's WTF Wednesday: Lord Dampnut's Wacky Build The Wall Party Game

According to The Daily Kos, there was a fun little xenophobic "Build the Wall" game at the White House Hallow-Evil party as Lord Dampnut sought to indoctrinate the kiddies to his twisted mindset.

Nothing, and I mean nothing that Cheeto Hitler does surprises me. Worrisome though Pence and his beliefs are, I always find myself saying: "Pence is awful, but at least he wouldn't do that." Not exactly a ringing endorsement, only an endorsement of the lesser of two evils. They can't impeach the Tangerine Sociopath soon enough.

"Republicans were, predictably, unconcerned about the message the activity sent, but really upset about the encroachment on their right to laugh. “Everyone loses their minds over everything, and nothing can be funny anymore,” they whined."

This isn't exactly surprising. Anytime shitty people get called out on their shitty behavior, they tend to respond with "everyone is just too sensitive! You can't even do shitty shit without people telling you to stop being shitty! It's just not fair!"

Just another fucked-up day in Lord Dampnut's dystopia.

~Sly Has Spoken~

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Monday, November 4, 2019

The Problem with TRA Demands in a Nutshell

Although our experiences are not the same, why should we expect that all women have the same experiences? Is not our tapestry more rich when we include the voices of trans women?

You’re not asking to be included. You are asking to be centred. You are asking for all our language to be changed in order to obscure the ways in which we are not the same. You are asking us to give up our analysis of our own oppression so it fits your ideology, you are asking us to relinquish our rights to self-definition and self-organisation, and you are using a whole panoply of coercive methods to achieve those ends. You are, above all, exhibiting the belief that your needs and your feelings are the be all and end all of this matter, which is to say, you are exhibiting the core psychic mechanism of male dominance, with all its attendant coercions and condescentions, with its complete and unrelenting inability to recognise that we. are. our. own. people.  To be absolutely blunt Rachel (and I’ve told you this more than once already, but shockingly, you do not hear it), if you wanted to convince us you were women, this display of self-centred bullying is possibly the least effective means you could ever have come up with. Our tapestry is doing just fine without you, we have no intention of letting it become all about you, and we’re going to need you to go and make your own.

--Dr. Jane Clare Jones in response to Rachel Anne Williams

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Traitors to their Sex

And those women with their

Sunshine smiles

Full of eagerness

To side

With the men that call us witches?

We understand you Alice,

For once, in another life,

We too


Traitors to our sex.

From the poem Alice Roberts by Dr. Jane Clare Jones

Saturday, November 2, 2019

When Libfems Seek Woke Points from TRAs

When a blog that I follow for totally non-political reasons (a writing prompts blog, to be precise) decides to try and get WOKE!!!!111!! points by trumpeting that TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN!!!!11!!!

Sister, those trans women you’re trying to sway into thinking that you’re just the most perfectest wittle ally would whip out their girl-dicks and piss on you as soon as look at you. All of your panderings will never be good enough. One of these days, you will slip up and say something that doesn’t quite kiss their ass from just the right angle, and then they will turn on you like they turn on everyone who disagrees with them even slightly, including other trans people.

I used to try and show the TRAs what a good wittle Wokey-Woke ally I was too. Because, after all, who in this world has it worse than trans women? I thought their insisting that XX women call ourselves “cis” was a little strange, but, okay, I agreed to do it because, after all, I haven’t had to endure the oppression they have, or so they say. I mean, it would be hard to be dysphoric, so I can give them that concession.

Then when they insisted on bellowing that TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN, I stood up for them. Yeah, trans women are women! We women need to embrace our trans sisters!

Then the cracks started to show.

Why weren’t we also insisting that trans men are men?

Don’t trans men matter?

Then there was the cotton ceiling. And the insistence that “biological sex is a social construct.” And the belligerent insistence that we should transition any child who doesn’t adhere to the “little girls love pink, wear frilly dresses and play with dolls, while little boys love blue, wear pants, and play with trucks” gender stereotypes.

And when I said, “excuse me, but we have been trying to deconstruct these stereotypes for decades...”


I was a TERF.

It will happen to you too, quick as a flash, no matter how hard you virtue signal.

Because TRAs hate women, even women who bow down and kiss their asses.

If you disagree with them even the teeniest bit, you will learn the hard way.

Just sayin’.

~Sly Has Spoken~

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Impeachment Proceedings As Handled by Nixon, Clinton, and Lord Dampnut With Bonus Drinking Game

What Richard Nixon did to warrant an impeachment investigation was illegal, but compared to what Lord Dampnut has done, it wasn't worth more than a slap on the wrist. 

What Bill Clinton did to warrant an impeachment investigation was morally reprehensible but not illegal. 

What Lord Dampnut is being accused of is multiple straight-up criminal charges. 

Nixon was smart enough to know that the best thing to do was bow out as gracefully as possible.

Clinton kept his head down and just focused on his job during the attempt to impeach.

Lord Dampnut won't be able to stay away from dithering about witch hunts on Twitter. 

If we played a drinking game where we took a shot every time Lord Dampnut cried: "witch hunt!" or "fake news!" we'd be blotto constantly. 

Besides, Lord Dampnut avoided doing his job whenever possible. 

Whatever else I might think of Richard Nixon, I give him credit where credit is due for stepping aside and letting Ford take over. That was the best move for the country's sake.

Whatever else I may think of Bill Clinton (and my opinions are not entirely favorable) I give him credit where credit is due for maintaining a professional demeanor during the attempt to impeach him.

With Lord Dampnut, it's going to be a complete circus. Nothing is ever his fault. It's all someone else's fault. We're just conspiring against (in his own words) "a very innocent President." Witch hunt! Witch hunt! Fake news!

Anyone who wants to get a buzz, just grab your favorite libation and head over to Lord Dampnut's Twitter. I'll bet anything you'll be crocked within the hour.

~Sly Has Spoken~

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